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My ears are bleeding!

One of the joys of my morning is listening to Music and Company on CBCfm (I’m sorry CBC; I know you want to be like the BBC when you grow up, but I can never remember which station is Radio One and which station is Radio Two).

And the best part of the week is, of course, Tuesday at 7:30, when Tom Allen announces “Cage Match!”

The idea is that two pieces of (classical) music go head-to-head, and we get to vote on the “winner.” How many times in your life do you get to express a wholly uninformed opinion on which cello performer you prefer? This is one of those wonderful opportunities for Concequence-free Uneducated Snobbery, like crashing a wine-tasting and talking sagely about Oakiness and Raspberry Nose. (Though you only want to take that comparison so far, because for a soprano, say, oakiness and a raspberry nose would probably not be good things).

But back to my point.

Today’s cage match was shockingly horrible. I am fortunate that I was at a stoplight when Placido Domingo began singing– a duet with John Denver! And then Luciano Pavarotti started up on “My Way” with Frank Himself.

It was horrible. Obviously very few people listen to CBCfm, because cars were not veering off the road, and people were not jumping from windows.

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